BLOG: Celebrating VA HB 83 and free feminine products.

VA HB 83 requires Virginia provide free feminine products in jails and prisons. But we still have more work to do.


BLOG: UPIC Service Can Help Aging Population

Aging Americans are victims of the mental healthcare crisis. UPIC's video service can help.


UPIC Offers Video Telebehavioral Health Service

Responding to the country's crisis in mental health access, UPIC launches new service.


BLOG: New Partnership Helps Local Women

UPIC Partners to help local women with feminine supplies


CNN: A Wake Up Call About Causes of Death for Young People

After years of decline, the injury death rate for U.S. youth is rising is rising.


BLOG: My Abortion Experience And How It Could Have Been Avoided

Arkansas' law Inspires UPIC CEO to share her abortion experience and how it could have been different


UPIC Health Hires Juli Briskman As Chief Marketing Officer

Juli Briskman, known for her famous middle finger, has accepted position as UPIC's Chief Marketing Officer


Psychiatrist Shortage Escalates As U.S. Mental Health Needs Grow

The U.S. mental health industry is under distress with increased demand, while the shortage of psychiatrists escalates. Creative solutions are a must have!


BLOG: Volunteerism Continues at N Street Village

Several UPIC employees worked at N Street Village's Friends & Family Day


UPIC Partners with Insperity

Investing in our employees, UPIC partners with Insperity for HR services and professional development


UPIC is 2018 Velocity Growth Story of the year

UPIC named Velocity Growth Story of the year by CEO Report


UPIC Receives Velocity Growth Award

UPIC Honored with 2018 Velocity Growth Award from CEO Report

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