We’re UPIC Health

Our E's of Use

  • Empathy: UPIC’s proprietary training assures critical intimacy is   established with your patients on first contact.
  • Engagement:  Committed strategic partners, UPIC Health is an extension of you, investing time and attention to understanding your priorities and aligning them with those of your patients.
  • Efficiency: Quality conversations cannot be scripted. UPIC Health eliminates the scripted service approach, investing instead in training and content unique to your business and establishing subject matter experts supporting you.

Our Data and Analysis

  • Patient experience  insights aligned with HCAHPS, integrated with clinical data providing a 360° view of key barriers to optimal health and wellness.
  • Best in Class omni channel data collection and analysis exposing immediate opportunities to streamline administration and optimize patient communication and digital support strategies.
  • Customized platforms and reporting supporting PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) requirements or for those for whom patient centrism is a key strategic priority.

Your Bottom Line

  • Strategic cost management, stratifying risk among populations and targeting spend to meet their needs.
  • ROI on technology  with UPIC’s CCM’s working in tandem with and in support of self service options.
  • Maximized reimbursements through efficient care coordination, claims management and measurable quality.






“We’re all about building relationships with our patients. Every contact we have with our patients – matters. UPIC offers a cost-effective, patient-centric approach…listening, empathizing, supporting, caring,…that integrates fully with our mission and helps us create broader access to meet the needs of our communities.”

Chris Williams
Chief Operating Officer