Letter from our CEO


Thank you for visiting UPIC Health!

Healthcare – the industry whose foundation is undergoing a seismic shift

There’s been a tsunami of digital solutions with the genuine intention of solving some big problems. The challenge is, those solutions only focus on one or two out of the 50+ big problems needing attention. Consultants optimistically try to “help you find out what’s not working”, hand over their analyses and leave you to implement their recommendations (like there’s time to, but I digress).

Healthcare has become the great Whack O’Mole game – and it’s NOISY!

  • Care teams are frustrated.
  • Patients are confused.
  • Phones are ringing off the hook!
  • Every dollar is squeezed by an increasingly complex sea of administrative requirements (repeat after us….ICD 10, Coordinated Care….with all these requirements is the patient even there?)

When did the business of healthcare become the obstacle to helping your patients get – and stay – well?

What We Do

Stated very simply, we integrate front and back end patient administration functions, simplifying the process for your patients to receive care – elevating their experiences with you – leaving you more time to spend with them!

Our Story

A few years ago, I jumped headfirst into the noise working for a national nonprofit healthcare provider serving over two million patients annually. I was hired for my background leading global consumer experience for multi national companies, guiding operational strategies linking front and back operations, reducing costs and increasing consumer brand loyalty. I joined because my skills could be used in support of the very high stakes and important mission of helping people live healthy lives. A mission I care deeply about.

But, as we all know, a mission is not a strategy.

I started around the time the Affordable Care Act was enacted and as we continued to peel back the onion of operational impacts to our health centers nationally, we reached the center and found a shallot!   And as with peeling onions, the ACA – with its great intentions – is driving Healthcare Providers and their teams to tears!

But there is light (or tissue)!   A strategy CAN be mission based…. And UPIC Health is here to provide it.

What Makes Us Different?

Strategic Partnering

Just as healthcare is fractured, so is the outsourcing community. Affordable solutions don’t become so affordable when they do not leverage their own economies of scale.

UPIC takes a different approach. We embrace partnership through ethical, third party engagements built on transparency.  So much so if our process demonstrates you could save considerable cost with the deployment of a digital solution, we’ll bring the best in the business to the table to help make it happen and provide the change management support for the highest return.   This approach gives UPIC  back the time to focus on the next big area of inefficiency and determine the next iteration of change to simplify it – click through our process wheel on our home page to see the continuous improvement process at work!

Further, we tailor pricing structures  to each unique situation.   While mutually scoping, we work with you on your greatest administrative pain point, share our costs aligned with your budget and work together to find the winning combination for the three key stakeholders – you, your patients and UPIC Health.

UPIC Health at Work

We are as committed to  UPIC Health being a great place to work as we are delivering the highest value to you and your patients.    A collaborative team environment, we

  • Employ a diverse team from all cultural backgrounds.
  • Pay competitive salaries including continuing education.
  • Create opportunities for women in STEM.
  • Are 100% Women Owned.
  • Aspire to be a certified B Corp by 2018.
  • Offer paid volunteer days in support of our communities.
  • Host a monthly Women Executives Speaker Series.

Together we CAN create order out of chaos. Contact us. It all starts with a conversation.